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Guiding Your Rehab, Celebrating Your Victories.

We treat all muscle and joint problems including sports injuries, back and neck pain and degenerative conditions.

Get Expert Care at ProSport Physio, Your Local 'Physio Near Me' in Plympton

Patient-Centric Care at ProSport Physio

At ProSport Physio, your health is our top priority. Whether you're recovering from a sports injury or managing a work-related back issue, we tailor our treatment plans to fit your unique needs. Our goal is to align our personalised care with your health and fitness aspirations, ensuring a journey back to peak condition that's as unique as you are.


Evidence-Based Treatment for Optimal Results

Our approach to physiotherapy is rooted in the latest scientific research, tailored to meet your individual needs and enhanced by our extensive clinical expertise. At ProSport Physio, we are post-graduate trained Sports Physiotherapists and leverage evidence-based practices to ensure you receive the most effective treatment, maximising your recovery and ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Local Experience and Expertise You Can Trust

With a team of highly qualified therapists who bring years of experience to the table, ProSport Physio stands at the forefront of physio care. In our clinic conveniently located on Anzac Highway in Plympton, we have treated thousands of athletes at all levels, as well as members of the general public.

Why Choose ProSport Physio in Plympton For Your Local Physio Needs?

Looking for a "physio near me" that offers expert care and tailored treatment plans? At ProSport Physio, we are convenstand out with our team of Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists who have undergone extensive specialised training in muscle and joint injury assessment and management. This training includes advanced university-level studies, guided by leading experts in the physiotherapy field.

Conveniently located opposite the Highway Hotel at 287 Anzac Highway in Plympton, our therapists are not only highly qualified but also boast a wealth of experience, particularly excelling in sports injury management. By choosing ProSport Physio, you're ensuring your care is in the most capable hands, providing you with the best possible outcome for your recovery. Located conveniently to serve our community, ProSport Physio is your go-to local physiotherapy clinic for personalised care that focuses on getting you back to your best form.

What our patients are saying:

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Your Path To Recovery: The ProSport Physio Approach

Initial Consultation

At ProSport Physio in Plympton, your journey to recovery begins with an initial consultation. Our experienced physio will conduct a thorough assessment to understand your unique situation. We aim to identify not just the symptoms but the root cause of your discomfort or injury, ensuring a tailored approach from the very start.

Understanding Your Injury

After our comprehensive evaluation, we take the time to explain your injury in detail. We discuss possible causes and contributing factors, equipping you with the knowledge to better understand your body. This step is crucial for your recovery journey, as awareness and understanding are the first steps towards healing

Planning Your Recovery

Together, we discuss a plan of action. This collaborative process ensures that you are not just a passive recipient of care, but an active participant in your recovery. Your personalised plan will outline our targeted approach, including timelines and goals, to ensure a clear path forward

Comprehensive Treatment

Treatment at ProSport Physio is multifaceted, incorporating hands-on therapy like massage, stretching, joint mobilisation and manipulation, and dry needling as needed. We prescribe relevant exercises and offer advice to support your recovery. Our aim is not just to treat the symptoms but to provide a holistic approach that addresses the cause and prevents future injuries

Looking for a highly experienced "physio near me"? Kris is a committed sports physiotherapist, specialising in the management of sports and work-related injuries. With extensive expertise in musculoskeletal disorders, Kris has helped thousands of clients over the past 13 years with various conditions, with a special interest in areas such as the hip, groin, knee, lower back, and shoulder.

Our Physiotherapists: Kris Krotiris

Meet Kris: Your Local Expert Sports Physiotherapist

Over the past decade, Kris has been an integral part of the South Adelaide Football Club in the SANFL, dedicating the last four years as head physio. In this pivotal role, he's responsible for assessing, diagnosing, and devising comprehensive plans to restore players to peak fitness. His collaboration with senior coaches, experienced sports doctors, radiologists, and other medical professionals ensures a holistic approach to injury management and prevention. This extensive experience, coupled with his commitment to evidence-based practice, makes him an expert in the management of muscle and joint injuries.

Kris’s academic achievements are notable. He completed a Master of Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia, not only excelling in his studies but also topping his class for the highest academic achievement that year. This honour reflects his dedication and commitment to the field of physiotherapy.

Choose Kris for expert physiotherapy care, backed by over a decade of frontline experience with elite sports teams, a passion for comprehensive patient care, and a proven track record of academic and professional excellence. To schedule a consultation with Kris and start your journey toward optimal health and performance, book your appointment now.

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