Sports Physio Services

How are Sports Physiotherapists Different?

Sports physios have had extensive extra training in the area of muscle and joint injury assessment and management, with a focus on those occurring while playing sport or during physical activity. Here at ProSport Physio, we are qualified sports physiotherapists who have spent many years working with sporting teams and individual athletes, from professional to weekend warriors! During this time, we have been responsible for accurately diagnosing and managing all types of injuries. We work closely with our patients to develop highly specific return to play programs, guiding them through each step.

Affiliated Sports Clubs

Our clinic treats athletes of all levels from different clubs around Adelaide. Our current and past clubs include:

  • South Adelaide Football Club (Head Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Manager)

  • Plympton Bulldogs Football Club

  • Crossfit Brawn

  • Adelaide Crows Football Club

  • North Adelaide Football Club

  • Pultney Grammar

Most Common Conditions Treated
  • Lower limb muscle strains including Hamstring, Groin, Quadricep and Calf

  • Acute and chronic groin, hip and knee pain

  • Patella, quadriceps and hamstring tendinopathy and tendinitis

  • Acute knee and ankle injuries including major ligament and cartilage tears (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL, Meniscus, MPFJ due to Patella Dislocation, ATFL, ankle syndesmosis)

  • Chronic knee injuries such as patella maltracking/chondromalacia and ITB friction syndrome 

  • Shoulder instability/dislocation and rotator cuff tears

  • Upper body overuse injuries such as shoulder bursitis, rotator cuff tendinopathy and tennis elbow 

  • Post surgical rehabilitation from ligament reconstructions, bone fractures and more

Treatment Methods
  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation

  • Deep tissue massage 

  • Dry needling

  • Exercise prescription including stretching, strengthening and balance exercises

  • Core strengthening and postural awareness exercises

  • Taping, including Rock tape and K-tape

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