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Beating Back and Neck Pain at ProSport Physio Plympton.

Learn the essentials of low back and neck pain and the right ways to treat it.

Your Recovery Journey at ProSport Physio Plympton

Understanding pain goes beyond just pinpointing where it hurts. Here, we hope you'll find some valuable information about the intricate details of back and neck pain, including the possible source of your pain, why it happens, some 'red flags' to look out for (which could indicate something more serious) and some information about the comprehensive approach we take to assist you in your recovery. After reading this resource, we hope you will be better positioned to navigate your recovery journey, making well-informed decisions for a quick and effective rehabilitation process.

Identifying the 3 Types of Low Back and Neck Pain

Experiencing neck and low back pain can be more than just an inconvenience; it affects your ability to enjoy life to its fullest. Understanding the types of back pain is crucial in identifying the right approach to treatment. Generally, back pain is categorised into three types:

  1. Acute, which appears suddenly and is often occurs following a specific movement or activity;

  2. Chronic, where pain persists for more than 12 weeks, often without a clear reason, and;

  3. Acute on chronic, a sudden flare-up of severe pain on top of a background of chronic discomfort.


Each type's unique characteristics influence treatment and management strategies. Recognising the specific nature of your back pain enables the development of a tailored treatment plan, aimed at addressing your particular needs. This plan encompasses a range of options, from passive manual therapies provided by a skilled physiotherapist—such as massage, manipulation, stretching, and dry needling—to exercise prescriptions and guidance on psychosocial factors.

These integrated approaches not only target the physical symptoms but also address the psychological and social aspects of your health, crafting a holistic path to recovery that facilitates a smoother transition back to your daily activities with enhanced ease and comfort.

Exploring the 3 Main Causes of Your Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain arise from various origins, and pinpointing the exact source—alongside the injury type as discussed earlier—is crucial for determining the most effective treatment approach and estimating the recovery period. The three primary sources of pain to be aware of include:

  1. Muscle, Joint, and Connective Tissue: These injuries may involve issues with discs, facet joints (the joints between each vertebra), or muscular pain, stemming from strain, overuse, or degenerative changes in the spine's structure.

  2. Nerve: Conditions like disc herniations or osteophyte formation in spinal osteoarthritis can impinge on nerves exiting the spinal cord. This can cause pain that radiates from the back to the legs or from the neck to the arms and hands, alongside symptoms of numbness, tingling, or limb weakness. Nerve-related pain often suggests a more extended recovery period, particularly if muscle weakness accompanies nerve compression.

  3. Non-Specific: In some cases, the precise origin of pain remains unidentified, yet the discomfort persists over months or years. This enduring, non-specific pain can challenge treatment strategies, requiring a comprehensive approach that addresses both physical symptoms and psychological factors.

Understanding these pain sources is pivotal in crafting a treatment plan that not only targets symptom relief but also aims at long-term rehabilitation and management, tailored to the individual's specific condition and needs.

Understanding the 3 Most Common Reasons for Back and Neck Pain

​Understanding how back and neck injuries occur helps tailor prevention and treatment strategies. Let's explore the common pathways to injury, from sudden overloads to long-term strain.

  1. Acute Overload:

    • Refers to injuries precipitated by a single, often high-intensity event that overwhelms the structural integrity of musculoskeletal components, leading to immediate pain.

  2. Chronic Accumulation:

    • Describes injuries developed over time through repetitive stress or sustained suboptimal conditions, culminating in gradual tissue damage and pain.

  3. Biomechanical Dysregulation:

    • Involves injuries stemming from imbalances in muscle strength, flexibility, or spinal alignment, which can exacerbate susceptibility to both acute and chronic conditions.

The Common Missing Link in Chronic Pain: Nociceptive Pain and the Biopsychosocial Model

Nociceptive pain arises from actual or potential tissue damage, signalling harm to the brain through nerves within tissues all around your body. The Biopsychosocial Model expands our understanding by integrating how psychological factors, such as emotions and stress levels, and social factors, like support systems and work conditions, can significantly influence the perception and management of pain. This approach underlines that while nociceptive pain originates from physical sources, its severity and the individual's experience are profoundly impacted by mental and social contexts. Embracing this comprehensive perspective ensures that treatments not only focus on the physical aspects but also address the psychological and social dimensions, offering a more rounded and effective approach to pain management.

Holistic and Evidence Based Treatment at ProSport Physio Plympton

Why Choose ProSport Physio in Plympton For Your Local Physio Needs?

Looking for a "physio near me" that offers expert care and tailored treatment plans? At ProSport Physio, we stand out with our team of Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists who have undergone extensive specialised training in muscle and joint injury assessment and management. This training includes advanced university-level studies, guided by leading experts in the physiotherapy field.

Conveniently located opposite the Highway Hotel at 287 Anzac Highway in Plympton, our therapists are not only highly qualified but also boast a wealth of experience, particularly excelling in sports injury management. By choosing ProSport Physio, you're ensuring your care is in the most capable hands, providing you with the best possible outcome for your recovery. Located conveniently to serve our community, ProSport Physio is your go-to local physiotherapy clinic for personalised care that focuses on getting you back to your best form.

What our patients are saying:

Visit Our New Physio Clinic In Plympton

Looking for a highly experienced "physio near me"? Kris is a committed sports physiotherapist, specialising in the management of sports and work-related injuries. With extensive expertise in musculoskeletal disorders, Kris has helped thousands of clients over the past 13 years with various conditions, with a special interest in areas such as the hip, groin, knee, lower back, and shoulder.

Our Physiotherapists: Kris Krotiris

Meet Kris: Your Local Expert Sports Physiotherapist

Over the past decade, Kris has been an integral part of the South Adelaide Football Club in the SANFL, dedicating the last four years as head physio. In this pivotal role, he's responsible for assessing, diagnosing, and devising comprehensive plans to restore players to peak fitness. His collaboration with senior coaches, experienced sports doctors, radiologists, and other medical professionals ensures a holistic approach to injury management and prevention. This extensive experience, coupled with his commitment to evidence-based practice, makes him an expert in the management of muscle and joint injuries.

Kris’s academic achievements are notable. He completed a Master of Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia, not only excelling in his studies but also topping his class for the highest academic achievement that year. This honour reflects his dedication and commitment to the field of physiotherapy.

Choose Kris for expert physiotherapy care, backed by over a decade of frontline experience with elite sports teams, a passion for comprehensive patient care, and a proven track record of academic and professional excellence. To schedule a consultation with Kris and start your journey toward optimal health and performance, book your appointment now.

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